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Business Visa – Velvet Visas

Business Visa

General information about business Visa as it concerns each country.

Generally a business visitor is someone who travels out of his home country or a country where he is based for business or commercial reasons.

In relation to our focus countries, our visa application specialists use detailed knowledge and experience to deliver high level advice and assistance.

We know it takes a lot to start a company and keep it going. It is right that your outlook is international whether you are just starting to go out there or you are a seasoned business traveller.

We respect your passion and ambition - breaking into new markets is bound to be a quantum leap.

Your ambition deserves a tailored service that considers your unique circumstances and commercial intentions.
This is what we offer.

With us, you and your business will experience a professional visa application service that is backed by expert input from world class legal consultants because experienced internationally trained lawyers play a central role at every stage of our service to you.

Visa applications have always been handle with care matters.

Little mistakes, omitted information, unnecessary information, equivocal answers to questions, illegible writing on paper documents, connections to undesirable events and incorrect payment of fees - to mention a few, have caused many good applications to fail: and we all know that when it comes to visa applications it is important to succeed at first attempt.

Once an applicant has been refused, further applications get a higher hurdle to jump with new barriers not only affecting an applicant in the same embassy, but also causing issues at other embassies.

The applicant has to repeatedly spend time and energy explaining the reasons for the initial refusal.

This is all the more inconveniencing because reasons for rejection of visa applications are never adequately supplied in decision notices.

Let us know early on so that we can help you get things right from the word go. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Business visas are normally granted to traders and businesspersons who wish to travel out of Nigeria for activities such as:

  • Meet and introduce themselves or familiarise themselves with a foreign counterpart for the purpose and benefit of the applicants business in Nigeria.
  • Conduct due diligence on a prospective business partner and enable the other party to conduct due diligence on the applicant and the applicants original business documents.
  • Negotiate the terms of a contract or memorandum of understanding or letter of intent or letter of comfort or bank guarantee or other documents of legal relevance.
  • ​Discuss, negotiate or conclude agreements for buying finished goods or raw materials from that country for importation to Nigeria for the applicants business needs.
  • ​Discuss, negotiate or conclude agreements to sell finished goods or raw material that can be exported to that country by the applicant.
  • ​​Attend and observe site visits of a factory, an office, a farm, a laboratory, a superstore, a warehouse, or any other similar business facility that is relevant to the applicant’s business.
  • ​​Attend a training for which the applicant has been invited by a current or potential business partner or to attend a training at a professional or technical institution that will boost the applicant’s business prospects.
  • Observe a demonstration of product use, maintenance and training techniques so that the applicant can make a decision on purchase and be in a position to train the applicant’s employees upon return.
  • Attend trade fairs and other promotional activities either to shop for ideas or participate by showcasing the applicant’s goods and services from his or her business.
  • Verify the sales figures and information supplied by a prospective supplier of products.
  • Other business transaction functions.

What we do for applicants

Advice only services:

If you wish to submit your application by yourself, our specialists are happy to guide you through current procedures, relevant laws and up to date immigration policies for each of our focus countries.

We can also advise you on submission of the most appropriate supporting documents that can satisfy visa clearance officers that you are eligible for a business visa.

Advice and assistance services:

Alternatively we can further assist you with your visa application by completing forms on your behalf, making payments on your behalf, going through your supporting documents and putting them together in a coherent dossier that presents clear evidence of your eligibility for a visa and assisting you with submission of your application.

In the event that you are called to attend an interview our advice and assistance service will include preparing you for your interview by going through sets of questions that may arise to make sure you articulately and eloquently answer these questions to the satisfaction of any clearance officer at any embassy.


It is possible for companies to request that we represent them as an outsourced visa and protocol services department. Here we can be engaged as consultants to manage travel documentation, visas and related matters.

Individuals who want to be represented from the application stage may also be receive our representation service. Representation of individuals is usually achieved through referral to solicitors who by law are more permitted to represent others.

Some embassies insist that only applicants under the age of eighteen can submit applications via a representative. However, there are circumstances in which representation of adults is permitted by embassies.

Our legal consultants can further advise you on these matters.

Do you need a Business Visa