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Family Visa – Velvet Visas

Family Visa

General information about family Visa as it concerns each country.

A variety of family visas allow spouse, parents, children, grandparents and more distant but dependant relatives to join family members abroad.

Expectedly, the rules on who can join a family member varies from one country to another. Generally the issues centre on verification of relationships and financial dependence.

It is always a requirement to prove that you are truly related and in the case of more distant family to prove that the person in Nigeria is financially dependent on the person abroad such that if they are not cared for by the person abroad they may suffer financial and other hardship.

In most cases marriage certificates are investigated at local registries where the marriage is said to have taken place, pictures do count, and of course having children places spouse applications on a strong footing.

For other types of relationships, DNA tests results can be used to convince the USA and the UK embassies but there are also other important methods of presenting evidence of relationships and dependency.

One great thing about family visas is that the UN Convention on Human Rights comes into play in many cases. Embassies also have to pay attention to other legislations and policies that are domestic to their own countries that provide for protection of private and family life.

Private and family life is seen as the bedrock of society in many western countries and this gives applicants seeking family visas an edge at application stage and a bigger edge if appeals and reviews become necessary.

Yet, it is very important to get your application right in the first place as resubmitting an application can be costly due to fresh payment of application fees.

Many applicants come to for reapplication and we are always able to help them fill out and submit better applications.

However reapplication can also waste time and cause stress whilst an applicant waits for another decision from the embassy, even though better applications often result in grant of visas.

A less than excellent application carries a further risk that rules may change for the worse whilst the delay is being addressed.

A good example of this is evident in the ongoing changes in US immigration law and policy since Mr Trump assumed presidential office.

Increasingly adverse policies have also been seen in the UK following Brexit and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments across Europe.

Please click on the map for your destination country for more information about family visas; and please read on below for more information about our specialist services.

What we do for applicants

Advice only services:

If you wish to submit your application by yourself, our specialists are happy to guide you through current procedures, relevant laws and up to date immigration policies for each of our focus countries.

We can also advise you on submission of the most appropriate supporting documents that can satisfy visa clearance officers that you are eligible for a business visa.

Advice and assistance services:

Alternatively we can further assist you with your visa application by completing forms on your behalf, making payments on your behalf, going through your supporting documents and putting them together in a coherent dossier that presents clear evidence of your eligibility for a visa and assisting you with submission of your application.

In the event that you are called to attend an interview our advice and assistance service will include preparing you for your interview by going through sets of questions that may arise to make sure you articulately and eloquently answer these questions to the satisfaction of any clearance officer at any embassy.

  • It is possible for companies to request that we represent them as an outsourced visa and protocol services department.
  • Here we can be engaged as consultants to manage travel documentation, visas and related matters.
  • Individuals who want to be represented from the application stage may also be receive our representation service.
  • Representation of individuals is usually achieved through referral to solicitors who by law are more permitted to represent others.
  • Some embassies insist that only applicants under the age of eighteen can submit applications via a representative. However, there are circumstances in which representation of adults is permitted by embassies.
  • Our legal consultants can further advise you on these matters.

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