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Study Visa

General information about study Visa as it concerns each country.

So you want to study abroad? That is the way forward you know? That’s the way forward for sure!

Let us help you get there, by giving you even more reasons why you should follow in the footsteps of:

  • One-time Etisalat CEO Hakeem Bello-Osagie (Harvard Business School).
  • One-time World Bank Vice President Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala (Harvard University & MIT).
  • One-time Minister of Environment Amina Mohammed.
  • Current Senate President Senator Bukola Saraki (University of London)

…and of course the Jagaban Alhaji Ahmed Bola Tinubu (Chicago State University) to mention a few!

If you ask anyone who studied abroad, he or she will tell you it is a life-changing and most rewarding experience.

So here’s 10 reasons why you should go it.

From our team of consultant lawyers and professional relocation consultants who are all former international students with undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees from North Africa, Canada, Europe, UK and the USA…

  • Language

    Study abroad will give you access to new languages. Even if you go to an English college or university you will find that your Nigerian English will soon give way to the Queen’s English.

    Being out there and fully exposed to a different culture will accelerate your interest in speaking the local language of your hosts.

    Even in the UK and the USA you will find yourself surrounded by international students from France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Russia and so on.

  • Travel

    Your friend and classmates will often say, hey! let’s all hop on plane or a train or a boat this weekend to hang out in another major city in the same country or another capital city of a neighbouring country.

    These weekend and summer trips will broaden your horizon and educate you outside the classroom in ways that will change you for the better forever.

    Trust us take every opportunity to travel when you are out there, when you get that first dream job you, you may never again have such luxury of time.

    Now is the time for parties in the elevator!

  • Culture

    The world would be such a boring place if all countries, states and regions had the same language, food, appearances, and personal habits.

    Cultures reflects very deep perceptions, beliefs, and values that influence our ways of life, our perceptions and our perspectives on everything.

    International students experience cultural differences that offer the gift of understanding where others are coming from.

    This enriches us in terms of our minds and senses in ways that cash in the bank cannot buy. It affects the way we speak, sit, walk, laugh, eat and generally relate to the world around us even when we return home.

    Simply put, studying abroad and learning from other people of the world is part of the breeding that makes an individual classy.

  • Self Confidence

    Study abroad is exciting and certainly challenges you to deal with new situations and find new solutions in a new environment.

    These weekend and summer trips will broaden your horizon and educate you outside the classroom in ways that will change you for the better forever.

    It brings a great opportunity to discover yourself by seeing new strengths and abilities revealed from within you.

    Nothing can beat the sense of satisfaction and confidence that comes with knowing that you did it your way.

    At the end of the day, this translates into a calm self-confidence that reflects in your later social life, your office life, in business and when you become the CEO in the boardroom.

  • Life Long Friends

    When you study abroad the multiplicity of cultures from your host country and other international students introduces you to new ideas and perspectives from the east, west, north and south of the world.

    These alternative ways of living life and doing so with great success challenges everyone to reconsider their own beliefs and values.

    It is possible that this experience strengthens your existing values in many respects and it is not unusual that the experience could also alter your approach to some aspects of life.

    Whatever the result, the process is always accompanied by a thoughtfulness that should lead to intellectual and social growth.

  • Worldview

    Ok, so what’s this problem in the Middle East, with Palestinian’s and Israelis? Why has Saudi Arabia and friends placed embargos on Qatar? Why doesn’t Trump like Iran and what the hell is wrong with that North Korean chap that keeps testing long range missiles?

    Well when you sit with young and old, open minded classmates, friends and teachers from around the world – trust us – you will have a much better idea of international dynamics and how they affect our lives even here in Africa.

    And it’s not just about politics, what about Amnesty International, Red Cross and the UN how do they impact us directly and indirectly?

    What about the Olympic and Formula 1, should we try as students to attend these events, study them and understand the role that sports plays in bringing us together as a human race?

    We encourage you to go for your dreams by getting into a good school out there and seeing the world in different colours.

  • Styles & Curriculums

    Here in Nigeria, there is a lot of focus on academics but study can be so much more fun.

    Schools abroad focus more on active learning than memory learning and you can get to do so much more with your hands.

    There is also a culture of independence where you are allowed to think up new ideas and execute them through essay writing or practical science projects – with support from your personal tutor and subject tutors.

    Subjects are also approached from multiple directions so that you get a well-rounded holistic content that makes you a true master of your game.

    Play is also encouraged because your intelligence can be enhanced by play and your productivity can improve after you take a break to free your mind.

    All in all, a different style of education and very interesting curriculums attracts international students like you from across the globe to the UK, US and other top study destinations.

  • Employment Opportunities

    Top companies prefer former international students because they know from their own senior staff experiences that people like you who go for study abroad are self-motivated, independent, willing to embrace challenges, and more able to cope with diverse problems and situations.

    Employers also value your experience gained from living and studying in a foreign country, negotiating another culture, and acquiring another language.

    These attributes will set you apart from the majority of other job applicants.

    That self-confidence we talked about is not lost on employers and they want to see staff who are able to hold their corner in various business situations.

    In Nigeria like many other countries employers tend to favour credentials from US, Canada and UK universities and this again places you at great advantage whenever you decide to return home.

    It is also important to note that many top companies do visit great universities to headhunt for talent; and sometimes run employment fairs in conjunction with universities to select the best performing students for prospective jobs.

  • Valuable Short Courses

    One of our colleagues here at Velvet tells us about the wonderful opportunity at his university to attend free Mandarin Language courses.

    With China on the rise today and Mandarin being the most widely spoken language in the world, you can imagine what a great benefit that was.

    When you study abroad, you can enjoy learning on the side with many short courses you probably can’t access at any Nigerian university.

    These socially enhancing courses, like studying Shakespeare for a few days at the University of Cambridge (Institute of Continuing Education) can be relaxing and intellectually rewarding all at once.

    If you want to follow your dream, we can help you with advice, guidance and support for admissions and visas to the best student destinations worldwide.

What we do for applicants

Advice only services:

If you wish to submit your application by yourself, our specialists are happy to guide you through current procedures, relevant laws and up to date immigration policies for each of our focus countries.

We can also advise you on submission of the most appropriate supporting documents that can satisfy visa clearance officers that you are eligible for a business visa.

Advice and assistance services:

Alternatively we can further assist you with your visa application by completing forms on your behalf, making payments on your behalf, going through your supporting documents and putting them together in a coherent dossier that presents clear evidence of your eligibility for a visa and assisting you with submission of your application.

In the event that you are called to attend an interview our advice and assistance service will include preparing you for your interview by going through sets of questions that may arise to make sure you articulately and eloquently answer these questions to the satisfaction of any clearance officer at any embassy.


It is possible for companies to request that we represent them as an outsourced visa and protocol services department. Here we can be engaged as consultants to manage travel documentation, visas and related matters.

Individuals who want to be represented from the application stage may also be receive our representation service. Representation of individuals is usually achieved through referral to solicitors who by law are more permitted to represent others.

Some embassies insist that only applicants under the age of eighteen can submit applications via a representative. However, there are circumstances in which representation of adults is permitted by embassies.

Our legal consultants can further advise you on these matters.

Would you like to get a study visa?