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Visitor Visa

Visitor Visas (Holiday Visas) for all countries

Visitors visas are sometimes referred to as tourist visas and they are the most popular type of visas that people apply for, they are also the most regularly issued type of visas for all countries.

Visiting a country for leisure including holidays or spending time with family and friends, or visiting historical sites are classic examples of tourism making an application for a visitors visa appropriate.

Whereas some countries like the UK for example allow a person intending to attend for some limited categories for business to apply for a visitor’s visa, but some countries do not permit visitor to do anything related to business.

It is important to know the rules of each country so that you can submit the right applications.

Receiving private medical treatment, attending a conference, taking part in a specific sports-related events, performing as an artist, entertainer or musician, conducting academic research or taking exams are all part of visitors visa application for the UK. Some countries will consider academic research or performing as musician as work. Our advisers will make sure that your intended activities are suitable for a visitors visa application in relation to your destination country.

Visitors visas do not expect applicants to stay in the country for the entire periods for which visas have been granted. For example even when a six months visa is granted, an applicant who has stated that he or she plans to stay in the country for about 2 weeks may stay longer, but may need to explain the extra time spent next time he or she applies for a visa.

When applying for visitors visas, it is important to clearly demonstrate your intent to depart the country of destination. This can be done by a number of ways including showing that you have your own nuclear family at home plus a good job or business in Nigeria.

You should also clearly prove as far as possible your ability to pay for all the costs of your trip.

If you are going with your spouse and children it is important to show that you have taken account of individual and collective costs, and that you are in funds to meet all expenses at the date of your application not at a future date or by the date of your intended trip.

However there is nothing wrong with another person paying for you, or you and your family’s entire trip so long as that person can prove funds are available. You must also be able to show strong evidence of your relationship with that person as well as good reasons why the person is funding your holiday.

More recently applicants have to qualify on their own without reference to the person abroad who has invited them. After all many individuals and families are getting visas without submitting any letter of invitation or affidavit of support by booking and paying for sufficient hotel accommodation, or renting a flat online. It is also easy to qualify by yourself by showing evidence of sufficient funds to cover you (and your family’s) ticket fares, sustenance, entertainment and associated travel costs.

We advise that it is still an advantage to have an invitation letter provided the sender stands on solid ground abroad both in terms of reputation and integrity. This would not on its own determine the outcome but taken along with other evidence from Nigeria would encourage the entry clearance officer to grant your application.

Please click on the map of the country of your interest for more information about tourist visas.

What we do for applicants

Advice only services:

If you wish to submit your application by yourself, our specialists are happy to guide you through current procedures, relevant laws and up to date immigration policies for each of our focus countries.

We can also advise you on submission of the most appropriate supporting documents that can satisfy visa clearance officers that you are eligible for a business visa.

Advice and assistance services:

Alternatively we can further assist you with your visa application by completing forms on your behalf, making payments on your behalf, going through your supporting documents and putting them together in a coherent dossier that presents clear evidence of your eligibility for a visa and assisting you with submission of your application.

In the event that you are called to attend an interview our advice and assistance service will include preparing you for your interview by going through sets of questions that may arise to make sure you articulately and eloquently answer these questions to the satisfaction of any clearance officer at any embassy.


It is possible for companies to request that we represent them as an outsourced visa and protocol services department. Here we can be engaged as consultants to manage travel documentation, visas and related matters.

Individuals who want to be represented from the application stage may also be receive our representation service. Representation of individuals is usually achieved through referral to solicitors who by law are more permitted to represent others.

Some embassies insist that only applicants under the age of eighteen can submit applications via a representative. However, there are circumstances in which representation of adults is permitted by embassies.

Our legal consultants can further advise you on these matters.

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